I am the regional supervisor of a property management company and we had been introduced to Kelly and Rick at a trade show. Ironically, shortly there after we came across a unit that had tested positive for spores (most likely caused by the resident) on a property that we had recently just begun to manage. I contacted Kelly who managed to have Rick evaluate the unit the same day, and immediately schedule treatment.

Their unique method uses no chemicals and at one point, Kelly had the opportunity explain to a neighboring resident that the smell during treatment was actually that of clean fresh air, something which we are not very accustomed to in California. The unit tested normal after, and is now pleasantly occupied by a happy resident!

I thank Kelly and Rick for their professionalism, their prompt attention and excellent communication, and most importantly, for helping us promptly address a delicate issue with perfect results: a safe and warm environment for our resident.

Thanks Kelly and Rick!

Regional Supervisor, Property Management Company

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Perfect and Professional

Perfect work, very professional with value of money.

Hans A,

Can Breathe Well Again

Having a wife that smokes in our vehicle, and a dog, I needed my car deodorized. They got rid of all the odors and decontaminated my car in the process! Having emphysema, I can actually breathe well in my car! I am very pleased with their service and will use them again when I need it.

Terry H.

Nissan Store

I work for a Nissan store, and Rick did an amazing job on one of my used cars that had a horrible food smell. I will definitely call him for all my cars.

Harry K.

Very Effective

Very effective product and great customer service.

Jessica S.

Awesome Customer Service

These guys are absolutely awesome. They have perfected customer service. BioSweep really works!

Sean B

Gets Rid of Nasty Odors

So glad I found these guys! If you’re looking to have something that decontaminates and gets rid of some nasty odors, I don’t think I’ve found anyone that does it as professionally and as affordable. Thank-you, BioSweep! Highly recommend!

Rob A.